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Types of breast tissue

Most women aren't really sure, but if you want to understand breast cancer prevention, risk, or diagnosis, it's important to know the kinds of tissue and structures. If your mammogram report said that you had dense breast tissue, you may be wondering what that means. Get details on dense breast tissue. Dense breast tissue is detected on a mammogram. . The most common type of mammogram — digital mammogram — saves images of your. Breasts contain glandular, connective, and fat tissue. Breast density is a term that describes the relative amount of these different types of breast tissue as seen on a mammogram. Dense breasts have relatively high amounts of glandular tissue and fibrous connective tissue and relatively low amounts of fatty breast tissue. fibrous, or supportive or connective, tissue is the same tissue that ligaments and scar tissue are made of fatty tissue fills in the spaces between glandular and fibrous tissue and largely determines your breast size Doctors refer to all non-fatty tissue as fibroglandular tissue. Breast tissue is composed of milk glands, milk ducts and supportive tissue (dense breast tissue), and fatty tissue (nondense breast tissue). When viewed on a mammogram, women with dense breasts have more dense tissue than fatty tissue. On a mammogram, nondense breast tissue appears dark .
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