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Complicated breast cyst

Most breast cysts are benign and do not increase your risk of breast cancer. Complicated cysts are “in between” simple and complex. Acad Radiol. May;15(5) doi: /dirtylesbo.info Complicated breast cysts on sonography: is aspiration necessary to exclude malignancy?. Complicated breast cysts are one of the cystic breast lesions that show intracystic debris which may imitate a solid mass appearance. They should be carefully. Oct 14,  · If the cyst comes back, it may be evaluated again with mammogram and ultrasound, and it can be drained again. Most women with simple cysts go back to routine breast cancer screening. For complicated or complex cysts, the follow-up plan is generally the same, once imaging confirms that the growth is a cyst. Oct 01,  · The risk of malignancy among complicated breast cysts is less than 2%; these cysts generally can be managed with short-interval follow-up imaging or aspiration. However, if a complicated cyst is symptomatic, new, or enlarging, needle aspiration is indicated (, 1,, 5,, 6).Cited by: The current preferred term for complex breast cysts is solid and cystic mass to avoid confusion with a complicated cyst. Radiographic features. Breast ultrasound. The presence of a thick wall, thick septae, or intracystic mass are characteristic of complex breast cysts 2.
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