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Breast lump biopsy

Breast biopsy — Overview covers definition, risks, results of this breast cancer test. Learn all about breast biopsies: what they are, the different kinds of biopsy procedures, and what the test can tell you about a lump in your breast. Get an overview of various methods of breast biopsy that doctors use to spot breast cancer. A breast biopsy provides a sample of tissue that doctors use to identify and diagnose abnormalities in the cells that make up breast lumps, other unusual breast changes, or suspicious or concerning findings on a mammogram or ultrasound. The lab report from the breast biopsy can help determine whether you need additional surgery or other treatment. A breast biopsy is a test that removes tissue or sometimes fluid from the suspicious area. The removed cells are examined under a microscope and further tested to check for the presence of breast cancer. A biopsy is the only diagnostic procedure that can definitely determine if the suspicious area is cancerous. Lump that can be felt (palpable mass) Suspicious area that can only be seen on a mammogram or other imaging test (non-palpable mass) There are 2 types of needle biopsies: However, a surgical biopsy can miss breast cancer if the wrong area of tissue is removed.
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