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  • 01.02.2010
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Acute pain management in older adults

Clin Geriatr Med. Feb;29(1) doi: /dirtylesbo.info Acute pain management in older adults in the emergency department. Hwang U(1). Evidence-Based Practice Guideline: Acute Pain Management in Older Adults. Cornelius R, Herr KA, Gordon DB, Kretzer K, Butcher HK. Acute. Improvements in acute pain management in older adults are needed to provide consistent and quality pain assessment techniques and. Pain and pain management are a growing concern among Americans age 65 and older. 1 A recent analysis of data from a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded study found that more than half (53%) of the older adults surveyed reported having bothersome pain in the last month; three-quarters of them reported having pain in more than 1 location. Pain is a common complaint of the elderly. As the number of individuals older than 65 years continues to rise, frailty and chronic diseases associated with pain will likely increase. Therefore, primary care physicians will face a significant challenge in pain management in older dirtylesbo.info by: Feb 13,  · Other types of pain are also prevalent among older adults, including pain due to cancer as well as cancer treatments. 5 6 Pain is also common in the advanced stages of many chronic diseases, including congestive heart failure, end stage renal disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 7 Furthermore, millions of joint repair and Cited by:
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