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  • 12.03.2010
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Asian corporate culture

It is important if you intend to have a successful business relationship with people of Asian background or culture that you take the time to learn. If you're interning abroad in Asia, get ready for a whirlwind of workplace culture! Here's east vs. west: 10 corporate culture differences abroad. Cultural Differences: Asian Business Customs. Asia consists of many ancient cultures with diverse religions, beliefs and life philosophies. Despite their many. Chinese Business Culture. Unfortunately, there is an even greater potential for Chinese and Westerners to misunderstand each other due to different culture and business practices. To understand why that occurs, it is important to know some of the major differences underlying how people in the two cultures . Learn the local rules of business first and more practical advice on expanding your company’s footprint in China, Japan and South Korea. The future may well lie with the United States, as Author: Katherine Ryder. Chinese business culture’s emphasis on group harmony goes back to the Confucian roots of Chinese civilization. While capitalism is relatively new, Chinese business practices are a lot older than you would think, and many companies both small and large were built on family or clan-based ties.
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