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Facial soft tissue injury

Traumatic facial soft tissue injuries are commonly encountered in the emergency department by plastic surgeons and other providers. Although rarely. Facial injuries themselves are rarely life-threatening, but are indicators of the energy of injury. The types of soft-tissue injuries encountered include abrasions, . This article focuses on facial soft tissue trauma. No other part of the body is as conspicuous, unique, or aesthetically significant as the face. Aug 22,  · The exact frequency of facial soft-tissue injuries related to sports participation is unknown. This is, in part, due to the minor nature of many injuries, which can lead to underreporting. It may also be due to the wide variation that is seen between demographic groups and . Soft tissue injuries involving the face, head, and neck are becoming more frequent, and the experienced otolaryngologist is commonly the designated surgeon chosen to make a timely assessment and repair. The management of facial soft tissue injuries present challenges both from a functional and aesthetic perspective. extensive soft tissue damage or traumatic amputation (special categories include: gunshot fractures and farm injuries) III A Adequate soft tissue coverage III B Significant soft tissue loss with exposed bone that requires soft tissue transfer to achieve coverage IIIc Associated vascular injury that requires repair for limb preservation Gustilo RB.
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