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  • 03.04.2010
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Sexy vs trashy

So, let's talk for a minute about what's classy vs. trashy and why this I am not saying people are coming out of the wood-work calling me sexy. Ladies, we all have seen these desperate attempts to look sexy that end up more on the over-done side of style. Getting caught in a few delicate details can cause us to cross the line, and end up losing the classy edge. Sexy v/s trashy is a fine line to walk, and in the following. There's a thin line between dressing sexy versus trashy when trying to "dress to impress." Confidence is one of the sexiest things a girl can. However, now that I realized you meant to make a sexy vs trashy thread, it makes a little more sense. What I wear to look sexy for my husband is different than what I wear to look classy while out running errands. That being said, if I saw either one of those outfits while walking down the street, I'd think the women wearing them were hookers. Made to Order Bespoke Ready to Wear Lingerie Halloween Costumes Hosiery Masks Corsets Bras Panties Garterbelts Stockings Hosiery Waist Cinchers Thongs G-strings. Aug 13,  · How do you dress - sexy or slutty? This is a hilarious demo of me giving my tips on dressing sexy but not slutty. I try on many outfits and tell you why I .
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