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  • 19.04.2010
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Do women like penis sleeves

Your search for the best penis sleeve is over thanks to this massive guide on The women suddenly experienced long-forgotten orgasmic #2 — Communication: Does she want you to suddenly gain monster-size penis?. I think most men in the world think the bigger their penis the more the women are pleasured. Unfortunately that What penis size do women prefer? 3,, XX women talk about what they like best about penises and why . around his member, he'd better have a few tricks up his sleeve. The thing is that my d*** is not thick enough for my wife (I don't have penis size problems, these are only the facts) she's a little wide I'm just average (5" around). Anyway, I was thinking of getting one of those penis sleeves that make it thicker and longer, what do you think? Girls have you had sex with someone wearing one? how did it feel? The Best Penis Extender He Could Find: Side note: I never thought I’d be showing off a penis extender that my boyfriend purchased online, but if it helps some women climax and squirt like I did, then I suppose that’s just how life goes? So, anyway here’s the penis enlarger he used. Price Check: I found the cheapest price for this penis extender on 23/10/Author: Jess. Apr 26,  · For those newbies who want to try penis extender sleeve, please be mindful that average vagina's depth is only inches when a woman is not sexually aroused. If you don't arouse your woman enough and you want to ram the whole thing in, you will hit her cervix and cause her pain.
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